The construction of a financial institution should reflect the soundness and security of its services. Ecker’s work in financial and bank construction achieves this goal, from new construction of a stand-alone bank to smaller retail banking facilities.

Because Ecker focuses on specialty construction services, we can guide clients in areas such as budget preparation and other planning challenges. Our team offers extensive building and remodeling expertise, and our project managers maintain communication about progress throughout the project. As a result, the client experience with Ecker is as successful as the final construction.

Our Experience in Financial and Bank Construction

Financial institutions choose Ecker for office and bank construction because of our reliability, knowledge, and process-oriented approach. We:

Are an insured, financially-sound business.

Ecker Construction is fully bondable, and our organization has been in operation since 1997.

Understand the requirements of building.

We work with architects and clients to ensure the construction of automated tellers, drive-through services, and vacuum tube systems all meet security specifications.

Build with high quality.

This includes additions and materials that leave open the possibility of future upgrades to technology and security.

The Customer Experience at Financial Institutions

Buildings that remain in operation during bank construction need to maintain a high level of service for customers. Ecker Construction works with clients to preserve this experience.

Our project managers accommodate clients by scheduling louder construction after office hours and limiting the visibility of construction. Our team works professionally and with respect for management and customers, and we find solutions to challenges before they become a concern.

As part of preserving the customer experience, Ecker Construction can also make recommendations in the design phase, such as improving the flow of traffic and providing more room for banking activities. Strengthening the relationship between our client and its customers is part of the value our company provides.

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