Ecker Construction has built more than 50 dialysis facilities as part of ground-up, build-out, and remodeling projects. We apply this experience to completing cost-efficient, high-quality dialysis construction for clients.

Whether our company serves as the construction manager, contractor, or design-build lead, our dialysis projects benefit from an approach that considers every aspect of healthcare construction, including:

Patient Experience.

Technical Requirements of Equipment.

Needs of the medical support staff.

The success of our projects is due in large part to our superintendents, who effectively oversee the site during construction, and our dedicated project managers, who report regularly on the progress of the work and make adjustments as necessary. These professionals are available to answer questions and concerns, and they respond quickly to resolve any issues.

Our Experience in Dialysis Construction

Clients benefit from Ecker Construction’s past work, as we apply our knowledge to…

Building Codes

We work with architects to ensure that construction meets building codes, which differ by state. Handling this part of the project effectively avoids unnecessary delays and costs.


Ecker Construction can coordinate with designers to optimize the plans for exteriors and interiors of facilities, improving the experience and care that patients receive.

Water and Utilities

Our construction accommodates the heavy water purification equipment and water sources that dialysis facilities require. We also ensure that buildings receive appropriate electrical and emergency power, and we check HVAC systems for proper heating, cooling, and air quality.

Remodeling and Dialysis Construction

As an experienced commercial contractor, Ecker Construction knows how to plan and manage the critical elements that keep projects on time and on budget. These concerns can be particularly important in remodeling. For dialysis construction work:

  • We conduct an on-site analysis and compare our findings to the plans. This allows our project managers and superintendents to prepare for changes to the original building.
  • Ecker Construction has experience in managing renovations while a facility is operational.
  • Our team carefully handles and works around fragile equipment and hazardous materials.

By considering every detail of the facility and the requirements of those it serves, Ecker Construction is able to deliver projects that meet exacting specifications and exceed client expectations.

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